Community Shares

Par Track Ltd have ambitious plans to make our community park the best there is.  To do this we need your help.  We are applying for grant funding from a number of sources, but in addition to this we want the community to invest.  But why would you invest your hard earned money in something like this…well watch this video and keep reading to find out more:

If you have a look at Our Plans you will see that we have some ambitious ideas for Par Track.  If we can raise enough money we will be able to provide some amazing new facilities and pogrammes that will help our community to be healthy and have fun.  We have al;ready been successful with some grant funding and the Local Authority have also been helpful in supporting some small capital improvements, but we need more if we are to realise these exciting visions and give the community what it truly deserves.

So we are looking at a range of funding options, and Community Shares is one of them.  Our aim is to raise £50,000 from the community in this way, and hopefully we will be able to match that through a government backed scheme, so we could get to £100k if it works out.  Over the coming months we will be launching our share offer.  It will drop through your door and explain all the detail you need to know to make an informed decision.  As a Community Benefit Society we have to be very transparent, and so we will be supplying you with a full Business Plan, detailing what our plans are, how we are riaisng money, what it is being spent on and how we intend to be sustainable.  We will also supply you with a ‘Share Offer’ document.  This will set out the terms of the offer.  How much you can invest.  What tax incentives might be available.  How you can get your money back.  How we will use it.  These documents will be independently reviewed to a national standard called the ‘Community Shares Standard’ which will give you the reassurance that they are developed to the highest standards.  and what is more, because of our company status, if you want to have more of a say, you can invest the minimum, become a member and have a vote and a say at the AGM, voting off the Board if you are unhappy.  Now that’s transparency!

We will be updating here further.  If you’d like to know more about community shares, then please have a look at the ‘Community Shares‘ website.