Pump Track & Green Trail FAQ’s

FAQ’s – 11.4.19

  1. What is a pump track?  It’s a track with humps and bumps that flow together in a circuit, allowing users to choose a route and join up different parts to create a fun loop.  The ‘pump’ refers to the motion used to create momentum and speed.
  2. What is the finish going to be like?  It will be a super smooth tarmac, totally skateable and rideable by BMX etc
  3. Why a pump track and not the original design by Maverick?  The community volunteers (Gill and Tony) behind the original design tried in vein for years to get the funding together to pay for that design.  It was over £200k and was a huge mountain to climb.  After the site transferred to Par Track Ltd, we also tried to find that kind of funding.  With multiple big new skate parks being funded and built across Cornwall, things were against us.  The main funder we applied to for this kind of project, Sport England, rejected our bid.  So we took the decision after all this time to cut our losses and try and find a more achievable solution.  With the funding we already had, we were able to engage a new designer who offered the current ‘pump track’ solution.  It is significantly cheaper and crucially, multi-use.  This type of design will appeal to a wider range of riders and we are confident it will be a fantastic addition to the park.  Plus it’s lower impact and more adaptable, so if we find a bit more money in the future we can enhance or expand it…
  4. Will there be enough for skaters to enjoy?  Of course, Jasper’s design includes a specific skatable section, but the whole track is designed to be multi-use and these kind of tracks are becoming the rage across Europe by skaters and bikers alike.  Have a look at the video we posted a while back to see a similar facility in action by skaters:https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=283792102297531
  5. What’s the green trail all about? We want to find new ways to make running around the park appealing to all and so we are building a simple low profile track all around the park.  It will be suitable for running, walking, biking and even disability scooters etc  It will mean you don’t get so muddy and allow mums with prams to jog round, kids to have a safe and fun track to ride and generally a great place to get healthy.
  6. When will it all be finished?  We hope the pump track will be dine in a couple of months, possibly by end of June, we will then make a start on the green trail, which will be another month or so.  We are still looking for some funding for a complete track round the site…so the first element will be a trail from the athletics track round the football pitches to the bridge and another section from the old playground to the pavilion, thus creating a smaller green trail loop.
  7. Who is funding it?  We are!  With kind support from Par Bay Big Local who committed funding to a multi-use facility years ago and who have been very patient over the last few years whilst a solution was found.  Our health funding from NESTA that we were successful in getting late last year is also contributing significantly to the green trail aspect.  We also have been successful with a small grant from a major retailer and have some sponsorship from Imerys.
  8. What’s happening to the old ramps? We wanted to reuse them, but they are really old now and require significant work to get them to a level that we were confident in, so we are hoping to find them a new home, so let us know if you are interested.
  9. Won’t it attract anti-social behaviour? We don’t think so…when the original ramps were installed the local PCSO at the time said anti-social behaviour actually dropped.  We think it will demonstrate faith in our young people and hope they will repay that…of course there’s a risk that a minority will take advantage…but we think local users of the site will self-police…and if people want to be anti-social then they’ll be like that anyway…we think this will give kids something to do rather than roam around aimlessly.
  10. Will we install CCTV? NO…it’s expensive, we can’t possibly monitor it, we can’t cover the whole park, and we don’t think its the right way to show faith in our community…Par Track currently has no CCTV and doesn’t suffer from major problems.
  11. Why don’t we focus on more important things? We are focusing on lots of different things from social health programmes, to new playground facilities…but we actually think our young people are important and that’s why we made it a commitment to give them something exciting early on, given the efforts from some in the community to get the original skate park design funded.
  12. Who’s building it?  Flashman Track ‘n Trail – Jasper Flashman has been building tracks, trails and pump tracks for some time…he has a professional background in moto cross and mountain biking and also skates.  Jasper has been around the extreme sports scene for a long time and lives and breathes this stuff.