Pump Track

“One thing about a skater, they never quit, so a skater to sum it up is awesome.” Lil Wayne

The Pump Track is a place for younger members of our community to have a collective space to share their love and passion for urban sports. Recommended for people who can confidently ride whether it be BMX, Skateboard or Scooter.

People learning to ride, scoot or skate we recommend the Green Trail.


Following updated advice from the Prime Minister the Pump Track is open. However social Distancing Guidelines have not changed, and we are all expected to remain 2 metres apart, and crucially not to be passing or sharing equipment between ourselves.

If it becomes clear that social distancing is not being respected, and the facilities at Par Track are contributing to social proximity that is still not allowed, we will be forced to close all facilities.

We advise no more than 6 people using the Pump Track at any one time, and for those waiting to stand 2 metres apart.

Pump Track Timeline:

Back in 2010/11 PL24 Community Association started the Skatepark Project, led by Gill Butler, chair of PL24 C A , aided by Doug Scrafton who was then a councillor, and PCSO Jamie Ward.

After various consultations with young people, schools, councils and the community, a design was agreed and Cornwall Council gave PL24 CA permission to build it on the site of the old skatepark at Par Track.

In 2015 PL24 Community Association secured £40,000 from Par Bay Big Local, but for various reasons, out of their control, nothing could be started. The money sat in the bank.

Eventually in 2018/19 Par Track Ltd took over the lease for the whole site, including football pitches, play area, and the old skatepark. They agreed that the skatepark project should go ahead, and again after various consultations, a new, more up to date design was agreed ….. a Pump Track ….. suitable for skateboarders, BMXers and scooterists and even accessible by wheelchairs. It was a great idea,  welcomed by the community, so PL24 CA handed over the £40,000 to Par Track Ltd. and building began finally in 2019.

Jasper from Flashman Track n Trail, and several of the builders were keen skateboarders and BMXers. Of course they had to keep testing it out and you could often see one of them upside down in the air !!! They even used parts of the old skate ramps in the new design, to add extra skateboarding interest.

It’s a brilliant facility, free to users and is proving very popular,