Our Plans

UPDATE: We’ll be adding new images over the next few days, so keep coming back!

We have lots of exciting ideas for Par Track and the surrounding green spaces…and we’ve already had lots of fantastic ideas from the community too…if you have a great idea for how to improve the site, make it more accessible, fun or anything that you think might contribute to the communities enjoyment of the space, please do let us know…whilst we can’t promise to achieve everything, this is your community and your track, so we want to make sure our ideas match the needs of the community as far as possible.

Thanks for all the feedback we have received so far…we have started to form some priorities based on what you’ve been saying to us…hopefully you’ll be excited to see some of our plans and visions for the site. None of this is set in stone, but we are now starting to develop bids and proposals based on the following. Any money we raise will start to go to these improvements…soon you’ll have the opportunity to buy shares in the society, giving you a vote and say in what we do. What better way to get involved!