Management Committee

Par Track Ltd was founded by a small group of volunteers who believe passionately in the park and its place in the community.  Without this group of dedicated people, Par Track would have an unpredictable future, but definitely one that is not full of hope and ambition and more than likely it would be one of a gradual decline.

The Management Committee are all volunteers, are not allowed to financially benefit from their work and are involved because they want the best for Par Track and its community.

The existing Committee are referred to as Founding Members, because it is they that took the bold decision to create a Community Benefit Society to protect the asset and have put in thousands of collective hours into the monumental task of transferring the site legally and coming up with plans to make it work…which is no mean feat.

Membership of the Committee is not closed, there are positions available for people with the right skills and energy who feel they can contribute.  We are always looking for willing volunteers.  Once a year the members of the society also have an opportunity to have their say and put themselves forward for the committee.  Our philosophy is simple…if you’re keen to make a difference, or you think you can do a better job, then come forward and work with us.  All that we ask is that you do some in the same spirit as we do…with an open mind, with the communities best interests at heart (not your own) and with a smile on your face…we do this as volunteers…in our spare time…and so the day it ceases to be enjoyable…you get the picture!

Here are our current amazing Management Committee of super-extraordinary people trying to make a difference:

Doug Scrafton – Chairman and all round pioneer of Par Track

Collin Harker – B & B owner, local footballer and the fastest minute taker in the West!

Steve Babb – local businessman with a very sporting family giving him great all round knowledge on our sporting endeavours, also leading on sponsorship/advertising

Cameron Hague – IT guru and veterans footballer, and a trainee MAMIL…Cam has the dubious honour of being trained in ‘society accounting’

Gill Butler – PL24, Par Carnival, Big Lunch, Sk8 Project…everyone knows Gill…our community connector extraordinaire!

Pam Cabutti – volunteer coordinator, athletics volunteer and she makes a mean cuppa!

Dave Varney – el Presidente of the athletics club and a wealth of sporting knowledge, plus a career in architectural drawing, who’d have known!

Clive Pengelly – athlete, coach, runner and always sporting a fine tracksuit!

Kym O’Mara – Cornwall College’s sporting expert and lead on all things to do with healthy lifestyles

David Hughes – ex County Cllr and our resident planning guru…sporting a nice cast on his arm!!

Graham Brett – involved in disability sport, Graham is an electrical engineer by trade and has an international sporting daughter!