Pump Track

Pump Track FAQ’s

Update 11.4.19

This week Jasper, our track builder is focusing on site preparation.  Some of you will have noticed grass being removed, this is to enable lorries to bring in additional soil next week, when this has been done, the grass will be put back and returned to its previous state.  Jasper is keen to ensure the site is not negatively impacted and the design of the facility is actually a lower impact than the original concrete design and we have other ideas about biodiversity projects linked to this.

Metal road plates have been installed over the path by the leat, near the playground, these are in place to protect the bridge over the leat from the weight of the lorries.  These will be removed quite quickly and as soon as all the soil has arrived, so hopefully won’t be on site for too long.

Finally, fencing has gone up around the location of the pump track.

We have had a couple of comments about anti-social behaviour and CCTV etc and questioning why we are focusing on a facility like this and not other issues around the park.  Well, as a group of volunteers we are doing huge amounts and attacking a number of things all at the same time, new playground coming, potential new club house redevelopment, green trail and other plans.  We have achieved a lot in under 1 year.  We are just volunteers, so to those who think we are not prioritising the right things, do come and join us and volunteer to help the park, the more help we have, the more things we can do.  Our young people are forgotten in this area, often seen as just anti-social…they have little to keep them out of mischief and we believe a facility like this will create positive things for them to do…we have been told by many organisations who have installed similar facilities that in fact they reduce anti-social behaviour because kids finally have something positive to do….in fact the evidence from when the skate ramps were first installed, from the local PCSO’s, backs this up.  We can’t possibly CCTV the whole site and we believe that the more the community get involved the more the site will self police itself and people will look out for it….things will always go wrong, but our philosophy is that we call people out for bad behaviour and show them a better way….

Update 7.4.19

We have signed a contract with Flashman Track n Trail and preparatory work will start week commencing 8/4/19.

Users of the park can expect a bit of disruption during the next few weeks as this will be the main time period when materials and equipment will be arriving.  Once that is over, disruption should be minimal as the work will be specific to the existing site of the skate ramps and will be fenced off for safety.

For residents in Moorland Road we would appreciate your assistance by keeping the entrance road to Par Track (marked below) clear of cars during the period 8am -5pm to allow for lorries delivering soil for the track.  The main period for this is likely to be between 15th-19th April.